Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 76 - 79. Catching up!

Thursday was my last entry, and today is Monday.  Oh dear.  Weekends are a sure-fire way for me to get behind on this little 365 project of mine.  So is injury!  But I'll explain that at another time.  For now, let's get started:

Day 76.

These are our irises.  Their first blooms of this season appeared this weekend.  The first spring we lived here, I thought they were daffodils.  I kept noticing that daffodils were blooming all over my neighborhood, but I only had leaves!  :(  I thought something must be wrong with ours!... until they bloomed a few weeks later and I realized they weren't daffodils at all!  Haha!  So, every year, I look forward to these little beauties.  Later, some purple ones will pop up, too.  So pretty!

Day 77.

We had a session of my side of the family.  Haven't done this in a few years, so we wanted to surprise my mom for her birthday.  Well, as is typical, it didn't end up being a surprise, and that was better off, because that way she and Dad could be included.

This is the baby of the family.  Yes, Ladies, he's still single!!!  He will KILL me for writing that!  Oh well!  Love you, Buddy!!!  :)

I was 14 years old when he was born.  That seems like so long ago!  Oh, I couldn't have possibly loved him more.  I took him everywhere my parents would let me.  He was a light in my world during some turbulent, teenage years.

This is the next youngest in line, and his beautiful bride.

I've written before about these two.
Working our way up to the girls! My little sister... the "middle child," and trust me, SHE IS! :)  She is my daily phone buddy.  We swap kid stories as we do our housework throughout the day.  There's something wonderful about a sibling relationship, because you never have to be "on."  If you're having a bad day, it's okay to be crabby.  And if you just don't feel like talking, you can say so.  And if you're really excited about something someone else might think is no big deal, they will find joy in it with you.

This was my favorite of her family that day.  This photo tells quite a story.  :)  Look at the expressions on the faces of my fun, little nephew and niece.  Yes, quite a story.

Last but not least, the second born.  She was my worst enemy and my best friend growing up.  Only two years between us, we did everything together as little sisters.  I love this photo of her.  She's so pretty!

The King and Queen of it all:

I couldn't decide on my favorite, so I'm adding a few.  My sweet parents.  They just celebrated 38 years of marriage.  They are Dad and Mom to all five of us (and one little one who is already in Heaven).  They are Papa and Mammaw to their five grandchildren.  I love them.

A few of the five of us for fun:

Take 1.

Take 2.  Still not ready.

Take 3.  Getting there...

Final Take.  Voila!  It'll do!  :)

Day 78.

We have a beautiful cardinal flying around our neighborhood. I've been patiently waiting to find a moment to capture his beauty at just the right time. He always flies away. This picture was my oldest son's idea. It's the closest we're going to get for now! Haha! :)

Day 79. Sidewalk Art.

This is how the kiddos passed the time the other day, while we were working on our family session. As I clicked away, they decorated my back porch steps. Aren't they beautiful? :)

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