Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 68. Happy!

I'm borrowing this picture today, from Easter Sunday... because I wanted to... because I LIKE it, and because NO ONE is going to stop me!  :)  Haha!

This is my "little" brother and his adorable wife.  They've been married for just over three years now.  I adore them.  They make me smile.  My brother is eight years younger than I.  Growing up, the age differences among my siblings and myself made quite a difference, but the gaps get slightly less noticeable as we all grow older.  I am the oldest of the five of us, and it's an interesting place to be in the birth order (not that I know any differently).

My husband and I were married young.  I had finished all of my "growing up junk" and quickly became the "old fuddy-duddy" by the time all of my siblings were going through their own teenage drama.  My baby brother turned 19 (not the one in this picture) this year.  For all practical purposes, we're all adults now.  :)  We have fun when we all get together.  We laugh and tell old stories about growing up together.  We talk about silly things we did, or fun memories of my grandma.  We talk about our kids and our dogs and our jobs... or the good things AND not-so-good things we inherited from either of our parents!  We enjoy one another.  We have our differences and certainly argue occasionally.... but there's no doubt in my mind that any of us would drop what we were doing if one of us needed anything.

As for the picture of this particular brother, I enjoy it because they are still so newly married and enjoying life as a couple "before kids."  They were also married young, and they're working through their "growing up together" moments, and I think they're doing a great job at it.  They have fun, and they laugh, and they fight, and they make up.  I have seen first hand, how they bring out the better in one another, and how they build one another up.  I love spending time with them, and my sweet sister-in-law has grown into our family, becoming "one of the girls" as much as the rest of us.  We tease her that she's my dad's favorite daugther.  :)  She just smiles sweetly and says nothing, because I think she just doesn't want us to believe that there's truth to it!  Whatever!  :)

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  1. Dad wants to know just what qualities your talking about. By the way we want equal time for bringing all of you into the world.


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