Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Sessions.

Met this lovely family of five at their home for a Saturday morning session, and I had a great time, following their girls around!  I always enjoy watching a family with all girls.  It's so interestingly different than the life I lead with three boys!  :)  So fun.  And, oh my goodness, were they ever adorable?!!!  Their mommy carefully picked out their wardrobes... everything matching from hairbows to buttoned shoes!  Just too adorable for words!  Being one of three girls in my own family, I KNOW my mom will enjoy these outfits!  :)

Next up, a senior session.  :)  I was so excited when they asked me!  I haven't seen them in a while, so it was fun to catch up.  :)  We met in Forest Park, which was also a great time because I don't go that way very often for sessions.  Oh, I loved it.  Perfect time of year.  Perfect time of day.  Perfect setting.  Perfect model!  :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My baby brother... 21 years old?!!!

I just love pictures.  I've ALWAYS loved pictures.  Have I mentioned that?  Something about going through old photo albums, just warms my heart!  I can get completely lost in the process.  :)

Today is my baby brother's birthday.  So, a walk down memory lane is in order!  If nothing else, my mom will enjoy it... and she's been missing my blog posts... so aside from celebrating my littel brother, this is for you, too, Mom!  :)

Caleb was a teenage girl's dream come true... At 14 years old, my parents blessed me with my very own, real-live baby doll.  :)  And that's exactly how I saw it.  After all, it was ALL about me at the time, you know.  I was convinced they had him just for me.  :)  Oh my goodness, I was so in love with him.  In the midst of a girl's teenage drama, my baby brother was a constant source of joy.  I just adored everything about him... still do, in fact.  :)

I left home when Caleb was only 5 years old.  He doesn't really remember much of his life back then... He doesn't even remember my living at home.  That fact used to make me sad... but I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't really matter.  I remember it... very well, in fact.  And nothing can take away from the sweetness those memories hold for me.

It's no huge secret, that for most of us, being a teenager is a pretty difficult time in one's life.  It's a constant, emotional roller coaster ride.  Hormones are all over the place.  Things that seem to be SO important, really aren't... and the things that really DO matter, don't get nearly enough attention.  Well, that's how it was for me, anyway.  But there was something about that little boy that would bring me back to reality.  His sweetness.  His innocence.  His smiles.  His snuggles.  His smooches.  :)  None of my drama mattered to him, one way or the other.  I was his big sister... the only one in the house who sang him to sleep... The girl who carted him around for car rides, and treated him to just about anything her part-time job could afford.  He may not remember it... but I do.  Looking back, his mere presence was probably the first impressions upon me that I LONGED to become a mother one day.  There was just nothing more precious than holding that baby boy in my arms and watching him grow.

I wanted to share a few snapshots, of course!  Ichose a few that were taken during my junior year of highschool.  Caleb would have been around two years old, in most of these... which put me around age 16.  (Forgive my big, burgundy thumbnail in most of the pics; it's just easier than waiting on the scanner.  :)

No better toy than an empty appliance box!

I'm pretty sure he was throwing a tantrum of sorts.  Haha!  :)

This was his expression when we would say, "Caleb, show us your pretty eyes!"

He just LOVED to play.  :)  Oh my goodness, the chubby-baby thighs!  LOVE IT!

Oh, the things we did to him!  Haha!

Um... who was supposed to be watching Caleb????

Had to throw this one in... to give you a good perspective of the "day in which we lived."  :)  1992-93ish.  Yes, I was obsessed with the 90210 boys.  :)  Hey, a girl could admire without EVER fearing a broken heart!  I'm pretty sure they liked me, too.  :)

Both little brothers.  Oh my goodness, so handsome!  :)

Oh, I could just kiss his little cheeks forEVER!  :)


Caleb, did you save any Thanksgiving dinner for the rest of us???

Caleb and our dog, Pilgrim.  :)  He called him, Pil-burn.  :)

This would be where my second son gets his kissable dimpled cheeks.  OH MY GOODNESS!

The 3 amigos.  Haha!  Fun times!

My dad, spending time with his boys.  :)

I couldn't leave out some of these treasures.  :)  And my sister wonders why we teased her about her hair?!!!  Oh my!

One of my all-time fave pics of my younger sister.  To this day, she HATES having her picture taken.  The only way I got it, was because I completely caught her by surprise... standing by her locker in between classes, and yelling from down the hallway, "HOLLY!!!"  Haha!  It's blurry and out of focus... but I don't care.  She's beautiful.  :)

Last but not least, lots of smooches.  :)  How could you NOT want to kiss all over his little face?!!!  :)

And here's my studly brother NOW.  :)  I cropped him out of a more recent pic of the five of us.  So handsome... still as sweet as ever... and STILL carrying around those adorable dimples.  :)  Love him to pieces.  Happy birthday, sweet Caleb Aaron!  Your old-lady-sister loves you!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

Back In The Day...

I ran onto this snapshot the other day.  Brings back sweet memories.  :)

Yep, that's me and the hubby... before he was my hubby.  We were still dating at the time.  This would have probably been taken the fall of '96... just a few months before we were married.

Now, here we are... soon to celebrate 15 years.  Time sure flies when you're havin' fun.  :)
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