Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Herweck Family

Hello, Friends!  I'm back at it... with this photography thing.  :)  And I'm excited!  This beautiful time of year screams at me to get my creative on.  Fall does not last long enough.  I want to live somewhere, where the trees are so colorful all year long.  This Missouri-born-and-raised girl isn't aware of any such place, but if it's out there, that's where I'd want to be.

As I sit here, the dishes need to be done, I am mid wardrobe season changes for my boys, and I only have so much time before heading out to the carpool lanes again.  But alas, the daily hum-drum of life MUST be interrupted with some creativity.

So, I bring to you.... the Herweck family.

During my photography hiatus, I couldn't just abandon my outlet altogether.  I still kept up with most of my family's requests, some close friends... and every once in awhile, when I was feeling the wave strike me to do more, I would offer to do a session just because I wanted to do it.

That's where these beautiful folks come in.  :)  ...friends of our family.  We've known them for a few years now.  They just have this energy and love that pours out of them.  I had just as much fun photographing them as I'd expected I might.

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