Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 83. Photography

I warned you in the title... if this is something you're NOT interested in, read no further!!!  :)

First, I'll tell you a little bit about this sweet family.

Most of the folks I photograph, I know personally on some level.  I enjoy the experience both ways.  It's fun to meet someone new, but it's also fun to have an existing comfort level established with someone I know!  (It's an added benefit that when I'm ungraceful, clumsy, or too chatty, they're not surprised!)
I've known this family for several years.  We've gone to church together for a long time.  I even taught their little boy in his KG year of Sunday School.  (He's now in middle school, but I'd rather not talk about THAT!)  A few years ago, our families got to know one another better by setting off on a church plant adventure!  We have since moved back to our home church, but they are still serving away at the church plant!  I miss them!  But I'm thrilled for the work they're continuing.

Anyway...  This picture reflects several of the reasons I LOVE taking photographs.

First, I absolutely love capturing generational portraits.  There are three generations, as you can probably notice, in this picture.  This was taken upon the grandparents' request, and I was so honored to have a part in it!  I wish I had a picture like this including my own parents and grandparents.  What a treasure.

Second, what I love about capturing a traditionally, generational portrait... is that I can make it LOOK traditional with the added benefit that it is NOT.  Digital is a magnificent tool.  I can become completely absorbed in tinkering with a photograph until I get exactly what I like.  I'm NOT a SOOC (straight out of the camera) kind of girl.  Some photographers aren't, but there are those that really enjoy getting the raw image to be as beautiful as they can without ever having to edit it after the fact.  It's an art, I assure you!  But I LOVE to edit afterwards.  I get a kick out of more vibrant colors.  I am in awe of combining three photographs to make one perfect image of EIGHT people... all with pleasant expressions and open eyes!  I'm obsessed with vignettes and color effects and collages!  Oooh, I get excited, just thinking about it!

So, I'll show you the before, just for kicks, and you can try to figure out what I changed.  :)

The differences are subtle, but they are there.  :)

This comparison is probably easier.  There's a combination of changes made in this.  I thought the end result was a very pretty picture.

Here are a few more, just for fun.  Aren't these just gorgeous children?  I can't believe how fast they're growing.  Can you see the mischief in the smile of that young man?  Well, if you can't, I assure you that it's there!  The oldest daughter is in higschool, and she is tall and long and gorgeous.  Look at that smile!  I would have probably been jealous of her in highschool!  I could probably be now, but I've matured.  Hee, hee!  :)  Their youngest girl is my oldes son's age, but about half the size.  :)  I find her to be absolutely beautiful... I'm pretty sure she looks just like her mama must have at this age.  :)

Siblings... true colors!

So pretty!

Oh, I wish I could have taken them ALL outside!!!  It was drizzling out!  :(  Rain has sometimes got to be a photgrapher's GREATEST curse.  Ugh.  This was on the front porch, just underneath the porch roof.  Such a pretty family.  I just can't get over all of that gorgeous hair!

P.S.  If you're one of the two people who has never heard of the Pioneer Woman, you should check out her blog.  She loves to give tips on color effects and how she changes up photos all the time.  She does amazing things with her talents, whether it be cooking or photography, or just plain, story telling!  I'm pretty sure my husband has a crush on her.  I find him chuckling while reading her blog often!  Anyway, she uses a lot of Photoshop Elements, which I've heard is very user friendly.  I'll let you in on a secret, I know NOTHING about it.  I've been meaning to take some classes, because I'm sure it would be useful!  I'm classic at getting stuck in a rut, and I've used the same Microsoft program that I got YEARS ago.  I'm fairly certain they don't even sell it anymore.  :P  Ugh. 

Well, enough of my chatter!  Happy weekend, Everyone!

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