Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 65. Going for a Walk.

This is day 65, but I admit I'm borrowing a photo from a couple of days ago.  I took it over the weekend.  Saturday, the weather was beautiful.  When I say "beautiful," I mean a perfect 68 degrees.  Anything above that, I start to feel too warm.  I don't care for summer very much.  Allergies.  Blazing, humid heat.  Ick.  But Saturday was far from that, and I embarked upon a daring journey.  I ventured out into our subdivision (which does not have sidewalks, I should mention) with all three of my children, and BOTH of our dogs, to go for a WALK.  The two younger children were riding scooters, one of whom also brought along his ipod for entertainment.  Are you getting an accurate picture yet?  We were a sight, I assure you.  We had to stop about three dozen times, I'm guessing.  My youngest was convinced he might accidently run over one of the stranded worms that had washed up onto the road from the previous night's rainfall.  My middle child continued to pause mid-scooter-stride to play with his ipod, which would include any or all of the following:  fiddling with the earbuds, clicking through the songs he didn't like, or ensuring that it had remained securely fastened to his belt buckle.  My oldest couldn't decide which dog he wanted to walk, so he enjoyed trading off with me every time the whim struck him.  Never mind the constant reminders to stay to the side of the road when a car might happen to pass, or the fact that I practically had to YELL my reminder so that my voice was sure to be heard over the ipod. 

But when child #2 and #3 randomly stop to pick a beautiful dandelion for their mother, I have to just smile at the chaos that has surrounded the moment.  After all, what could we have possibly had better to do that day than to go for a leisurely walk?  :)

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