Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Monday, October 31, 2011

A little bit of this... a little bit of that.

In a nutshell:  field trips, fall parties, dinner dates... Oh, yeah, and did I mention the CARDINALS WON THE WORLD SERIES?!!!  No, I haven't transformed into a huge baseball fan, but come on!  A girl can enjoy a good celebration, regardless!  GO CARDS!

Last year's Halloween wig:

This year's Halloween wig:

Went to Halloween party.  The hubby and I happen to really enjoy the show, Big Bang Theory.  We thought we were pretty clever.  No ONE at the party watched the show, so they had no idea who we were.  Party poopers!  :(  Oh well, we got a kick out of it anyway.

P.S.  ALL of downtown St. Louis is Cardinals red.  :)  These were taken on the day of Game 6... the next day, WE WON THE WORLD SERIES!  :)  HOLLA!  :)  (Yeah, I'm too old to pull that off!)

Our  little house, all decorated for Halloween:

Halloween treats from Aunt Holly.

Dinner with my wonderful siblings... Puss in Boots joined us for dessert. (Becky won him in the "claw machine"... ah, the ways we entertain ourselves!)

Monday, October 24, 2011


Oh, what a FUN session this was!!!  I guess I always say that... but I can't help it.  It IS fun!  This young lady is just a firecracker!  :) all the good ways!  :)  She's just popping with personality.  I was so excited when her mom emailed me to ask me to do her senior portraits.

I also got to go to a new location (for me, anyway... this little nature girl and her sweet mamma knew their way around quite well).  It was just beautiful.  Thanks, Ladies, for showing me around!  :)  I can't wait to show you the rest of the pics!

Cutest 3 month old on the planet....

Yeah, I'm a little biased.  Can you EVEN blame me????  :)

Took my baby nephew out in my front yard for a mini photo session.  He was totally in a daze.  This kid usually oozes with coos and smiles... but not this time.  He was just too involved with looking around at the colors outside.... not that we "need" smiles in order to get cute shots.  Just check out this handsome guy!

Um, Aunt Laura, can we go inside now?

HI!  What if I pucker up "like this?"

You're interrupting my milk-coma.  :/

OK, if I look at Mommy, you might get a little smile out of me.  :)  By the way, have you seen my tongue?

That's it!  I'm DONE with this nonsense!  DONE, I say!!!!

Later, he was more himself.  He sat in his carseat and watched the Cardinals (lose :()... and we visited... we chatted... and played...  I told him he could come and live with me WHENEVER he wanted... He just needs to keep that in mind in case he ever feels like he's not getting loved at home (yeah, right!).

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Spent some time with this little cutie yesterday.  We got some really fun shots.  She was SO fun!  :)

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