Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 71. My Ever Changing Hair!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I get bored WAY too easily.  I change things often.  I will spontaneously change the paint color of a room just as easily as I change the color of my hair.  This particular post is about the latter, because I'm currently BORED with my hair, so change is abrewin'!  :)

I've compiled a "few" pics from over the years.  If you're still bored enough to be reading this post (and it takes a "special" kind of person to truly care about reading about my hair style... and, by the way, I LOVE a good hairstyle conversation!), then rest assured that I've spared you my lifetime of "do"s and I've only scanned through the last five years.

This pic is actually of me with my sisters and my mom.  It was taken about five years ago.  We've got some strawberry blonde going on, with a few golden highlights.

Shortly thereafter, I decided to add in some layers.  I don't know what's up with the joker lipstick smile, but someone should have told me to do something about it, for real.

Here, we've let the layers grow out again.  This is about as long as it EVER gets.  (My kids took most of these candid shots.  Can you tell???  Haha!)

The problem with my hair when it's long, is that it commonly looks more like this than actually "fixed" and presentable.

So, I will usually convince myself that in order to "spice" it up a little, I should go short again... as I did here.  And apparently, I went darker at this point as well.

It got about this long, when I did the next do:

Lesson to learn:  If you really do NOT like change, do NOT change stylists!  And NEVER, EVER tell them to "do what you want."  I don't know when I'll learn this lesson, but I've gotten more bad haircuts this way than I can count!  Ugh.  Looking back, I guess this wasn't so horrible.  But I HATED it at the time.  I didn't want it this short... but it grew!

At this point, I was letting it grow out... not only in length, but also to its natural color.  Honestly, I hadn't seen it in YEARS, so I was curious.  Well, this was it... the real deal, God-given color... while it lasted.

Here we are, still growing out, with some layers stacked in the back.  I may have added some highlights at this time, but I'm pretty sure the base is still natural.

Let's do a bit of red to match the fall weather, shall we?

How 'bout some curls?  This was just an experiment.  I hadn't curled my hair since... oh, probably highschool.  :)  I think we'll keep it that way.  Shirley Temple isn't really in right now.  :/

Are you bored yet???  Haha!  Red never lasts long.  It's hard to maintain, and it fades so easily.  So, we'll try dark again!

As is my trend, as soon as I get any length on it at all, I tell my current stylist, "Be creative!  Do something new!  I trust you!" ...and this is what I get.  Can you see the crown of my head?  That hair was probably about an inch long on the top of my head.  Oh dear.  (Incidentally, this was the last time I went to that stylist.  It wasn't her fault.  But I needed to move on.)

Once again, it grew... a little.  And the color faded... a lot. 

I started seeing a friend of mine, and she does a wonderful job!  She listens to my requests and actually DOES as I ask. 

We're nearing the end.  I know you're thankful.  This was just last summer.  I decided that a Kate Gosselin look might be cute.  My sister warned me not to do it.  She said it was one of the ugliest haircuts she'd ever seen.  Well, I didn't listen.  This is what I lived with.  I actually liked it for awhile... not long enough to let it stay, though!!!

Don't worry, we're nearing the end, folks!

This was at Halloween.  We cut the top to match the rest... and I'm still trying to get the brown to stop fading back into red.  So, I keep going darker and darker!  I think this is a level 3! (for those of you who have any idea what I'm talking about!  :)  My stylist-friend taught me some color tricks that are working beautifully!

And this is the last time I got it cut... January 2010. I haven't had it cut since. Here, I've gone shorter and spikier again. Lots of texture and lengths.

This was taken just today.  I've trimmed my own bangs and sides just a bit, because I don't want to have it cut until I know for certain what I'm doing.  Should I stay short?  Should I let it grow?  Oh, what to do.
Yes, it's silly, I know.  But it's entertaining for me.  And fortunately, I'm not married to a man who could care less how my hair looks.  He gets a kick out of my changes, and has been known to say things like, "Yeah, I never know WHO I may come home to in the afternoon."  I think he finds it an endearing part of my personality, as opposed to a flaw.  Lucky for me!  Then again, maybe he's just thankful that my boredom gets taken out on my hair, because I certainly have no desire to get rid of my hubby!  :)  He's stuck with me!... funky hair, and all!!!

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  1. my fav cut is about 5 up in the green shirt, not that your asking, but putting my 2 cents in anyway, LOL! actually one of the things i love about you is the changing hair, i get to live vicariously through you since i NEVER change mine :0)


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