Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 062. Pretty!

I love these beautiful flowers.  My hubby surprised me with them this week, and we'll plant them after the weekend is over (and I've finished using them as the centerpiece on my kitchen table).  I hope we can find a place where they'll thrive and bloom bountifully!  :)
This is my purple bud tree.  Yes, I know it's actually a redbud.  Whatever.  When it blooms purple (and it DOES), it should be called a purple bud tree.  And that's that.

More purple buds.  Or maybe magenta buds?

These are homemade bird feeders.  My youngest made them as a craft at school back around Christmas time, and I waited to put them out in the spring.  He was so excited to hang them on the purple bud branch outside.  He said it would make the birds love us!  :)

Holly bushes.  These pretty, little berries will be all red soon!  :)

I'm supposed to be cleaning house right now.  In fact, the next  chore on my list is this very table.  These are the kinds of things that collect on my dining room table.  This is a picture of yours truly.  The artist is my second child, and I absolutely adore this portrayal.  :)  He thought of everything from my short, brown hair, to accesorizing with a neclace and earrings.  :)  So sweet.

One more thing on my dining room table.  My youngest son's shoe size.  Everyone needs to know their shoe size, you know!  :)  I should really get back to cleaning now!!!!  That table is certainly not about to clean itself off!


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  2. ROFL - PURPLE bud tree, you're killin me smalls!


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