Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I laughed when I re-read the first line of my last entry... "Do you read blogs?"  Well, you must read at least one, right?  Sheesh.  Well, anyway, that was just a side note.  I think sometimes, I feel like I'm journaling as opposed to writing something someone else might actually read.  I learned of a new reader this weekend, in fact! :)  My sister-in-law's sweet mamma reads my blog.  Hi, Mrs. Modglin!  :)  It's fun to know that others enjoy it.  It gives me an excuse to keep spending time on it.  :)

So, I have all kinds of great stories from this weekend, but I don't have time to tell about them at all right now.  :(  I've made it to one of three Valentine school parties.  I came home to eat a quick lunch, and I need to head back out in just a few minutes.  But I thought I'd share a couple of thoughts.

My husband and I currently lead a bible study for young single folks.  We have so many sweet friends, who range in age and life stage, and I've grown to really care for this group.  It's interesting how God starts to open your heart to be sensitive and aware of things you never thought of before, isn't it?  Today, of all days, I have them all on my heart especially.... today, on Valentine's Day.

Different people view "being single" in different ways.  Some folks prefer it and have chosen that status for their lives, while others are waiting to find that "right" special someone.  Some thought they'd found it, but it didn't exactly work out that way.  Some are perfectly content in being patient and NOT settling, while others are in full search.

I was married at age 20.  I had my first child at age 23.  I don't relate to the "single life" from experience.  I don't pretend to.  But I have special people in my life, who are near and dear to me, in my own family, who are in that stage of life, and I think the fact that touches my heart most is that I would NEVER want those people to feel unloved because they weren't "in a relationship."

So many people make the mistake of placing their individual value on the "person they're with."  OR, if they're not with someone at all, they feel they are of lesser value because of it.

When I see that, it makes my heart ache.

The older I get, the more I realize that my perception of myself has nothing to do with how my husband views me, or how my children view me... how my parents view me, or my siblings or my friends.  Ultimately, if I haven't grown to be accepting of who I am as I am and who God created me to be, how can I expect others to be?  Now, I, personally, feel that my self-acceptance is based solely on my relationship with God and how HE views me.  And I know that others may not see the spiritual aspect of that fact, but I believe you can't separate the two.  If I strive to please Him with my life, the rest will all fall into place.  That includes my relationships.

God created life.  He created mine.  He created yours.  If He didn't have a plan for you, He wouldn't have made you.  JUST YOU.  I find such comfort in that fact.  He is God, and He knows all my flaws and all of my weaknesses, and He loves me.... just as I am.  If that's not reason enough to celebrate love, I don't know what else is.

But aside from that fact, what about all of the other relationships God has placed in our lives?  Are they NOT worthwhile?  Why does society have to focus on a romantic kind of love on Valentine's Day?  Romance is great, of course.  But LOVE is what's worth celebrating.  We celebrate Valentine's Day as a family in my home.  Sure, there will come a day when my kiddos will grow up and want to focus on their girlfriends on this time.  But I want them to know and believe they are special and loved regardless of a girlfriend.  I want them to know that they are celebrated for who they are, and how God made them.  Side note:  When I was a teenager, my best friend and I loved to celebrate Valentine's together. :)  We would get one another candy or a small gift.  I have special memories of those holidays.  It's who we wanted to celebrate at the time, so that's what we did.

I would just encourage you, single or married, with or without a "guy or gal" in your life, to focus on your blessings today... and any other day, for that matter.  I would also encourage you, just as I continue to work on myself, remembering that your value of yourself is not dependant on any other human being.  Love God, appreciate how He chose to make you, and be thankful He loves you.  If you have no other focus today, that alone will be a celebration.  Happy Valentine's Day!

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