Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Sky Picture

I took this one on Friday morning.  Yes, I was in my car, but don't worry... I was at a stop light.  :)  I had dropped the kiddos off to school, and I was going to pick up a Starbucks treat for the hubby and myself.  This was the scenery for my little roadtrip.

The sky enamors me.  People are constantly changing what's on the ground.  We add and take away from nature... with buildings and landscaping.  Road construction and businesses are always popping up or coming down.  It's all around us.  A few years ago, a WalMart was built in the neighborhood where my husband and I lived when our first son was born.  Our old apartment complex was completely wiped out to make way for the new store and its neighboring businesses.  It's just the way life is.... the world in which we live.

But the sky remains the same, at least to the naked eye.  It looks like the same sky I saw when I was a little girl.  I can remember my sister and I looking out the back window of the station wagon, on long car rides home from visiting family in "the country," and we'd look at the starts at night... or the clouds during the day.  It's the same sunshine that I used to lie beneath in my parents' back yard during warm summer days.  And it's the same moon and stars that my best friend and I used to climb to watch from the top of the highschool roof down the street from her house. 

Something about the vastness of it brings comfort to me.  From where we are, it looks to be never ending!  And it's only a small portion of the wonder that God has created.  Isn't it amazing that He shares it with us?


  1. I'm sure you got your love for the sky from me. I have always loved the sky day or night. When I was little I too would watch the moon and stars on the way home from what then was my dads favorite place to go. I somehow thought that if I could see the moon and it was following me then god was in that same moon going right along with me protecting me,loving me, comforting me. No matter where we turned what direction,bridges we crossed,it didnt matter the moon was always there. Maybe covered by a cloud now and then but only to peek through again down the road.Then I got older and it was comforting in those trying early teenage years to go down to where the highway was and lay on this hugh hill way off the road where no one could see you and watch the clouds go by. Still today the sunsets on the side of our little house outside the kitchen window where I have spents many an hour praying and wondering what the next day will bring. I have always ejoyed walking my grandchildren out to the car after a visit and finding the moon to show them, hoping they wuld get the same comfort from it I did as a child. In short I totally agree the sky itself is always there unchanged to the naked eye. Its kind of funny i remember a conversation dad and i had about sunrises and sunsets. He likes sunrises because it makes him think of whats ahead for the day, I like sunsets because its always been a sign of the day ending,work coming to a close rest a head and time to prepare for the next day. Sometimes while rasing you five kids it was WHEM LORD, thank you for helping get through one more day, and i'll need you tomorrow too. So you see I too have alot to say about the SKY, its there for all of us we just need to LOOK UP. Love Ya mom

  2. Sorry for all the mistakes in spelling and grammer and puncation. I'm not as talented as my daughter.


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