Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Saturday, May 15, 2010

More Senior Fun.

I thought it might be entertaining to show my 3 readers out there (my mom, my MIL, and my hubby), one of the reasons I love taking senior pictures so much.  Well, if they're the only ones reading, then it's just a reminder, because they've seen it before.  :)  But it's fun, so why NOT?  :)

Once Upon A Time...

THIS is how senior portraits looked!  And we all thought they were fantastic! 

We dressed up in our "trendy" outfits, and fixed our '90s hairstyles.  Oh, and don't forget SOME of our reflections would be made to looks "studious."  Haha! Those who knew me "way back when," knew I was anything but!

...while other poses were meant to portray the more mature stage of the life we would soon be entering!
This was my parents' favorite.  It hung in a large 11x14 on my family's living room wall for a time.
And this one STILL hangs on a portrait wall in my parents' bedroom.  My mom has those fun "school pic" frames, with all five of her kids, including pictures from KG to senior year in highschool.  THAT is a parent's love, my friends.
So, there's a little taste of what a senior picture might look like, oh, around 1994.  Yikes.  No need to disect the styles and/or trends of the day.  We'll leave well enough alone, and suffice it to say that plenty has changed OTHER than photography style.  The fact is, they ALL looked like this (relatively).  Personality wasn't thrown in.  Individuality wasn't really considered.  We sat in a stuffy studio, under unnatural lighting, and did our best with the equipment of the day.

Sometimes, a stroll down memory lane just makes a girl awfully thankful for the blessings of TODAY (other than the fact that my "back then" waist was probably about the size of "today" thigh... but whatever!).  Speaking of which, I'm off to RUN in this beautiful, Saturday, rainy weather!  Later!


  1. O.K.that is just way to fast for time to move for me. First we're looking at my oldest childs highschool grad pics,then out of left field we're looking at my oldest childs youngest childs art work. Head is spinning,time goes so fast,enjoy them while you can,they just don't grow backwards.Love ya,see you Sunday.

  2. hey, now... I'm a follower!!! :P Chalk that list up to four, sista! :)

  3. I follow you. I just don't always post.


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