Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 95. Batwings.

Allow me to introduce to you the BATWINGS.  This is one of my favorite toys in the house.  Why, you may ask?  ...because it speaks volumes.  On my son's fourth birthday, I sent my husband to buy his birthday gift.  I had nothing specific in mind (which is unusual), so I left it all up to the dad this time.  He came home with these.  :)  It's SO a dad gift.  The boys love them.  What little boy doesn't want to be a super hero? 

When you are a super hero, you have WINGS!  This is the mid stage.

And this is at full span.

This is how a super hero flies, of course.

Then my son crushed our moment of imagination (on about the 10th picture) and said, "What's the big deal, Mom?  It's not like I'm REALLY Batman.  I'm just a regular kid with wings!!!"

This is a completely different story.  Never mind Goofball the Great.  She was born without a brain.  (And never mind the fact that I just gave her a bath YESTERDAY!)  Ugh.

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