Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 116. Friendship Bracelets.

Isn't funny how some things never die?  I can remember making SO many of these things "back in the day."  Apparently, they're still trendy to some degree.  My son got this idea that it would be fun to make a friendship bracelet for his classmates as an "end of the year" gift to them.  So, I headed off to WalMart to find the thread.  I expected to find what I found when I was a kid... a section of brightly colored loops of thread, at a very inexpensive price/per color.  Well, I'm sure you can get them that way SOMEWHERE, but not at WalMart.  No, this is a "craft project" now.  The only option I had was a box of "Friendship Thread," for $4.00.  I didn't get to choose the colors.  If I didn't get the box, I didn't get anything (from WalMart, that is).  Who knew?  And it even came with a little sheet of paper with "how to" instructions, which I ignored completely.  INSTRUCTIONS?  No way!  When I was a kid, we taught eachOTHER how to make the bracelets... that was kind of the whole point... we taught and learned from our FRIENDS, and then we would make a hundred of them and wear them all at one time!  :)  I know how to make TWO kinds, one of which, was not even explained on my "friendship thread directions."  So, I must be cooler than they are.  :)  And that's the one I taught my son, because it's pretty easy and relatively quick.  He has had a great time, threading his friendship bracelets, and he's very excited to give them to his friends.  In the meantime, I may be getting carpel tunnel from helping him out.... because we have to make 24 of them.

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  1. my class has been on a friendship bracelet kick lately too! :D Ah, those were the days....


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