Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 114. Crocs.

I kind of hate these shoes, I admit.  When they first came out, I thought they were the ugliest pair of shoes I'd ever seen, possibly next to the 80s style "jellies" I wore in elementary school.  As does several of the trends, they began to grow on me.  Their versatility is their biggest seller, in the case of buying them for my children.  However, I have never invested in the "real" Crocs, only the off brands, more commonly known as "not-Crocs."  These particular pairs have certainly seen better days.  I don't know where I got each pair.  More than likely, they came from Target or Payless, or some other inexpensive place to buy shoes.  But now I need to replace them, and I've found myself on a mission.  I kind of get obsessed with these kinds of things, until I find my solution.  Lucky YOU, to be let in on my little adventures!

The reason for my mission???  Well, apparently, the stores don't carry the "not-Crocs" anymore.  They're ridiculously difficult to find.  While I wouldn't normally invest $30 on a pair of shoes for my kids who are likely to outgrow them as soon as the receipt is in my wallet, I am willing to make an exception in this case.  My boys LIVE in these shoes!  I will NOT spend my $30 blindly, though.  I will search to find a bargain.  Even a slight discount will help, since I am in need of THREE pairs!  Goodness, gracious.

And this is just because... just because I'm easily distracted, and decided to take a picture of my impatiens on my way in the house, after my not-Crocs photo session.  :)

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