Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Saturday, February 22, 2014


I need a creative outlet.  It's crucial to my sanity.  I'm a SAHM, who LOVES her kiddos, however desperately hates housechores and loves to escape them once in awhile to do something fun.  Not everyone would consider my little fads fun.  I also have a serious ADHD problem, so I tend to skip around all over the place... in my thoughts, in my "to do" list, and especially in my hobbies.

This blog has served my outlets in many ways.  It started out as a "365 photo project."  I also used it to post my photography session proofs.  I've posted about my craft phases: jewelry making, scarves, headbands, etc.

It all comes and goes, along with my moods.  :)  My photography has taken a break, just because of the time commitment, and how much of my weekends were taken away from my boys.  The "projects" all have their time and place... but there is one "trend" that hasn't really gone away since I was a child...

I love fashion.  Clothes.  Hair.  Makeup.

Yes, I know.  It sounds so shallow.  And, yes, I've been accused as such.  But I'll be honest with you... I don't really care.  I believe there's a whole lot more to how one looks, than just how they look.  You can usually tell a bit about a person's personality by their style.  Simple.  Classic.  Fun.  Shy.  Daring.  High maintenance.  :)  (Yeah, I've been accused of that last one, too.  Oh well.)  It's a universal language for most women.  How often have you heard it said, that women dress more for other women than they do for men?  I'm not totally sure how true it is, but it makes me smile, anyway.  :)  And what's so wrong with caring about our appearance?  Now, before someone thinks the thought... No, I don't think our outer appearance is more important than our inner beauty.  Not at all.  But I also don't think there's anything wrong with doing our best with what God gave us on the outside as well.  (I give credit to my sweet grandma for that lesson.)

So, here's my thought... Might anyone be interested in reading about my discoveries?  I'm all about a good deal!  I love to find sales, clearances, second hand.  My mom taught my sisters and me how to shop on a budget, and the habit has stuck!  :)  I also have a couple of friends I think would have fun joining me on helping with posts as well.  You know who you are!  I could share some "guy finds," since I have my hubby and 3 boys I always shop for, too.  Always makes me laugh when folks assume I have no one to dress up since I have boys.  I have a GREAT time shopping for them.  They each have very different personalities and those are reflected in what they like to wear.

This girl was my inspiration for the idea:

What I Wore

I can't imagine that I'll get quite as professional as she makes it all.  But I think we could have some fun!  Let me know your thoughts!  :)

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  1. All good advise, you might want to add one,dress your age. Nothing is worse than a sixity year old dressed like a teenager, that ship has sailed. I'm not saying you have to look eighty but come on have some class.


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