Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Monday, February 24, 2014


These days are LONG gone.

When they were little, I dressed them alike a LOT.  Some people thought it was hokey, but I found it to be adorable.  :)  Sure, they all still had very different personalities, from the very beginning, in fact.  But they were also young, and did as their mamma asked.  :)

Now, they're not nearly as young.  And I wouldn't want to dress them alike anyway.  My youngest still lets me help him choose, but he has his own preferences.  I love that their personalities show through in their style.  It's so fun to watch them grow.

My oldest is very much a teenager.  :)  He loves tshirts and jeans.  He loves dri-fit shirts that show off his muscles.  :)  Both of my older 2 RARELY wear long sleeves, because they get warm easily, so they often layer tshirts with hoodies or jackets.

This is pretty typical for KS1.  He obliges his mother on Sundays and wears a polo or a button down.  He found that jacket last winter season, I think, and just had to have it.

Polo:  Aeropostale
Jeans:  Aeropostale
Tennis Shoes:  Adidas
Leather Jacket: JC Penney

KS2 loves color and bling.  :)  I guess he takes the most after his mommy.

Tshirt:  secondhand
Hoodie:  Target, Shawn White
Jeans:  ??
Tennis Shoes:  Nike
Sunglasses:  Amazon (minecraft)
Necklace:  Kohl's

KS3 is the only one I can often put in long sleeves, and he'll stay in them.  :)  Today, was just a cas-Sunday.  He would LIVE in crocs if he could.  He generally only chooses tennis shoes if he has to because of a PE day at school.  He hates to mess with tying shoes.  Silly boy... has more important things to do!

Hoodie:  handmedown
Tshirt: 2nd hand (Go CARDS! (making Daddy proud!)
Jeans: Target
Crocs: handmedown

I LOVED getting handmedowns when I was a kid... and I LOVE getting them now.  My boys don't get a lot of them, because they're the oldest in the family, but we get a few for KS3 from his cousin, and occasionally from a friend of ours.  He's always excited to get something "new to him."  And we also love passing ours down.  I get so excited to see my little nephews wearing something that belonged to my boys at one time.  My family passes clothes around all of the time.  It's just what we do.  :)

In fact:

My lovely SIL sent me this pic just today of my youngest nephew.  I found him this jacket at a secondhand store, and just HAD to snag it for him.  That's why she sent the pic.  But I realized he's wearing a pair of pants that were passed down to my boys from their older cousin, and we passed them to my nephew who is now 7, who has passed them down to this little guy here!  Those pants are now on their 5th family member.  :)

Little ones grow so fast, they hardly have time to wear clothes out.  If the item isn't out of style, why not take advantage of your opportunities, right?  :)

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  1. I'm glad to see your blog up and running, and yes hand me downs bring back many memories, They are almost necessary bringing up five kids on one income, I'm glad you kids learned from it and didnt resent it, we do what we can. With kids and how fast they grow name brands arent really a main importance in their lives.


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