Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I love dresses!

The water bottle in my hand?  Kind of a staple.  :)  I figured I might as well not leave it out.  I take it everywhere.  Water bottle in one hand; iphone in the other.  That's how you'll see me on a regular basis.  :)

I'm usually a little dressier on a Sunday than most days, just because I wanna.  :)

Water bottle:  Target  :)
Coat:  Target (from a few years ago)
Bag:  secondhand
Boots:  Jacobies (secondhand)
Dress:  Target clearance:  $12.58

Sunglasses:  Target
Necklace:  Target

Love the fun, frilly sleeves!

Lipstick:  Ulta

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  1. How cute, but you didnt tell us about your nail polish. I noticed your nails when you where holding the lipstick tube,not that I use it but all the other girls in the family do.


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