Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Friday, February 28, 2014

Shop with a friend!

Ask her for the truth. And don't offended when she gives it to you. There is a lot of value in a friend who can tell you that your butt really looks too big in that pair of pants or that a color is unflattering with your skintone.

(I had to remind myself of this concept when my husband gently told me the other day that my shirt was not long enough for my leggings. He knows I would want to know, and I do!!!… so, it was only for split-second, that I thought about being offended. :-)

This is my buddy, Heather. 

I only thought I was a thrifty shopper until I met her a few of years ago. This wonderful girl, introduced me to the fabulous world of Goodwill stores. I was always way too overwhelmed to walk into one, to actually find anything. It's partially my lack of patience and attention span, so it's a whole lot more fun to be distracted by good old-fashioned girl talk while we browse. :)

The other day, she went into our local Goodwill, and one of the guys who works there asked her where her sister was… Clearly, we are there too often.

Heather is awesome. Well, she's awesome anyway, but shopping with her is really awesome! She knows what I love. She spots flowy blouses she knows I'll love and steers clear of anything I would have to iron, because she knows how much I hate it.

She also happens to be a spectacular friend. You should be jealous. :-)

Some tips I've learned from this girl.  Take the time to try things on!  I hate to try things on, but she pretty much makes me do it every time we shop together.  I usually end up being glad I did.  Also... you can never have too many gray staples.  :)  Gray is great to mix and match with colorful accessories.

The key to secondhand shopping, is to go often.  Their merchandise changes constantly. There was a day I could not have done that. The reason that most of my clothes came from Target when my sons were still home through the day, was because I was all about one stop shopping when they were little. If I could pick up a cute pair of jeans the same time I needed to pick up peanut butter and laundry detergent, that's exactly what I did. But that stage of my life is over, so I can do things a little differently since all of my kiddos are in school now.... Not that I'm not still always at Target... and not that it stops me from browsing the clearance racks when I'm actually there to pick up toilet paper! :)

PS. It also helps a ton to have a very understanding husband who doesn't really mind when I ditch my housework to spend the day shopping with my friend. :-)

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