Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Days 205 thru 211. Yikes!

I have seven days to catch up on.  So, here you go, in a brief summary of my life and/or thoughts throughout any given typical week...

Day 205.
I bought this new top only a couple of weeks ago.  I've worn it once.  I really liked it, but as you may notice, there's a big wet circle on the front of it now.  That's because one of my dogs decided to play tug-o-war with it.

This was the end result, so in the trash it went.  :(

Day 206.  This would be the boys' choice of game the other night.  Do you play board games with your family?  My kiddos love them!  What's your favorite?

Day 207.  My impatiens have continued to grow through the summer, despite the days of neglect they've endured.  :(  Poor things have not received nearly enough attention.

Day 208.  While I was observing in the front yard, I also noticed the leaves on our sweet gum tree, so bright and green.  I thought of how the it's getting darker a little earlier every evening, and how, VERY SOON, these summery, green leaves are going to turn into a beautiful shade of yellow.  (And that would be my husband in the background, watering the grass... See?  Normalcy, at its best.  :))
Day 209.  Next up, a goofy, little boy, being a ninja in his bathrobe... w/bunny ears, of course.  And, why NOT?

Day 210.  The weekend arrived, and this is a little sign that we received a visit from Grandma.  My kiddos were thrilled to be able to spend some time with her.  And my oldest washed her car, inside and out, while she was here!

Day 211.  Last but not least, my doggie.  Yes, this is the one who ate a hole in my shirt.  I forgave her.  Can you really blame me?  Just look at that precious face!

There you have a very small glimpse into my week.  I suppose it leaves a lot out.  I would have LOVED to have shown you pictures of our worship time at church this morning.  We spent time with our kids in children's church, singing and learning as a family!  And for one of the skits, my husband gladly accepted the role as a stubborn cow!  You had to be there.  ...and I didn't have a camera.  :( 

Nor do I have pictures of the huge plate of steak fajita nachos I had for lunch, as we sat around a table with some of our dearest friends this afternoon. 

I would love to show you how adorable my friend looked earlier this week, in her cute hat.  :) 

Or how sweet my baby niece sounded over a video message, as she laughed while my sister played with her. 

Or the expression on my mother-in-law's face as I dragged her around Trader Joe's on Saturday morning!

How handsome my "baby" brother looked in his dress shirt and tie when I met him for lunch with my sisters.

Or the pure elation in my oldest son as he discovered that putting scotch tape on the wheels of his remote control car, will cause it to DRIFT throughout the floors of our house! 

The imagination of my second child.

The mischief of my third.

But some things aren't photographed.  Some things can't be, to my dismay!  If only I could capture every precious moment and memory. 

My week was filled with everything from excersize, to homework, to laundry, to my photography, to bedtime stories and prayers.  And I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I'll try to be better about my posts this week, for those of you who care.  (Hi, Mom!  :)


  1. Hello long time no read, I was really getting tired of going to your blog and finding the same purple dress,not that I didn't like the dress.I'm not the only person here you know Caleb and Holly both mentioned it.Enjoyed the catch up see or hear from you soon. Love all of you.Mom

  2. Yes, I know that others read it. :) I'm pretty sure the total number isn't beyond ten, though. :)

    Love you, too. :)


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