Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 204. My Purple Dress.

I wore this dress to church this morning.  A couple of sweet folks reminded me that this dress usually receives a compliments or two when I wear it (which always makes a girl feel wonderful!), so I'm deciding that I should just ALWAYS wear this dress.  :)  If not, then at least, I should always be wearing this color, purple.

This is another "confessions" post.  You know what I think is so fun about this dress???  Well, I'll tell you.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved Target.  It drove her children crazy, that EVERY time she would go to Target, she had to stop at all the clearance clothing racks, to sort through every discounted item in her size... and sometimes, not EVEN the ones in her size (because we clearance shoppers KNOW that sometimes the RIGHT sized item, may be hung on the WRONG hanger!).  However, her children didn't seem to mind when THEY would benefit from her clearance shopping ways... but that story is for a different time.

One day, as the girl was quickly browsing through her favorite department of Target, she noticed such a pretty purple, peeking out from among the other colors.  Purple ALWAYS caught her eye, because it is her mother's favorite color.  She pulled out the garment, and it was a long, soft, summer dress.  "Yay!" she thought to herself, because the young lady always loved a new summer dress!  As she glanced at the price tag, she became more excited.  The dress was marked down greatly from its original price,  however there was something slightly disturbing that came along with that information.  Beside the beautiful, bright, orange clearance sticker, in all capital, bold print letters, the word MATERNITY stared back at her. 

"Oh dear," she thought, "Maternity?  Well, it doesn't LOOK like a maternity dress... and for such a great price?... Oh, could I get away with it???" 

She held the dress up and looked it over carefully for any tell-tale sign that it should REALLY be worn by someone who was great with child (which she was NOT, and never planned to be again!).  It looked like so many other dresses of that style, so she threw the dress in her cart, and didn't look back!  To this day, the young lady smiles to herself every time she wears the dress... because SHE knows the secret!  :)

And, now, you do, too!  :)  Yes, my pretty, purple dress is actually a maternity dress.  Heehee!  Hey, I'm not bashful!  I love to tell my "good deal" secrets!  Sometimes, it's okay step outside the box, and just make something WORK!  :)  And you would have NEVER known if I hadn't told you!  Go ahead, take a fashion chance!  Haha!

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