Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 213. Grandma's Bowls.

I had no idea how much I'd use them when my mom FORCED me to take them a few months ago.  She came with paper bags, full of dishes, that all of us Freeman girls were instructed to sort through, and take what we liked.  I believe these were my grandmother's.  They may have been my mom's.  (You can help me out on this, Mom.)  Either way, I use them constantly.  They're GREAT to throw a little something in microwave.  I love the lids, to keep something warm while I'm finishing something else.  Veggies, taco meat, beans... I've put all sorts of food in these.  Thanks, Mom!  :)

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  1. Yes, they where your grandmothers or as you called her mom mom. I think they where the very first ones to come out and our family was just to big to fit anything in them.Istill have not found the two bigger ones and all of you girls say you do not have them. I may have given them to moms old neighbor but I haven't heard from her in a long time, so enjoy from grandma.


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