Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 49. First Day of Spring.

Ick.  Uck.  YUCK!  The last two days have been so breath takingly beautiful outside!  If the weather was like that EVERY day of the year, I would be such a happy girl!  But today, on the first official day of spring, it's cold and rainy.  Isn't it funny how we all complain about the weather?  It's something that, no matter HOW hard we try, we have absolutely no control over it.  And yet we will whine and complain about something so insignificant, really.  Too hot.  Too cold.  Too humid.  Too wet.  Too sticky.  (I live in Missouri.  Yes, "sticky" is a very accurate adjective for weather here.)  But I have found, as I'm sure anyone else has as well, that the weather is often a determining factor for one's mood.  Our emotions are kind of tied to it.  After too many rainy, dreary days in a row, people get cranky and sleepy and stir crazy.  I wonder why that is.  Do we have something inside us that NEEDS to be able to get outside and enjoy God's creation?  Why can't we do that when it rains?  Hmmm.  Just my thoughts for the moment.  Aren't you glad you dropped by?  Haha!

This was our family's "first day of spring" treat.  It didn't matter that it was cold and rainy, because we eat icecream (or frozen custard, for that matter) ANY time of the year.  Silky's, however, is not open all year, so when the Silky's season begins, we enjoy it as often as we can!  :)

Guess what else happened today?  ...the release of New Moon on DVD.  This was MY little "first day of spring" treat.  :)  Oh, come on!  Laugh, if you will.  But, seriously, be a good sport.  It's harmless fun!

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