Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 43. Food Challenge.

I have been doing some research recently.  I will tell you that, as a mom of three children, what to feed them is a very common dilemma.  There are very few food choices that all three would agree in liking... and not a single ONE of them has ever been great about eating fruits and veggies.  Don't disparage me yet!  It's not that I don't offer these as choices!  They are all pretty good about trying something if I encourage it.  However, I can't control the gag reflex and almost vomitting that may occur after they've reluctantly put whatever it is in their mouth!  You can understand why this may be a bit discouraging for a mommy!  Often, I've been known to offer snacks such as granola bars or string cheese as a substitute, thinking I was giving them a healthy alternative.

I won't bore you with all of my findings, but the fact is, I've decided to make some changes for my family.  My husband encourages it 100%, and is glad I've finally jumped on board with what he would have loved all along.  Even if I continue to get the turned down mouth when I offer carrots to my children, it doesn't mean that I can't find a healthier option for what they DO like. 

We've dragged our kiddos to four different grocery stores this weekend.  We've looked at online recipe planners.  We've gotten advice from friends.  We watched Food Inc.  Wow, Wow, WOW!  We've read ingredient labels until our eyes are tired!  Last but not least, I went through and pitched a good portion of my pantry contents!

I still have a lot to learn.  I'm trying to remember that it's a process!  Little steps are okay.  I have to keep my kids interested and on board.  That means finding things they LIKE...  For example:

This is a better option to make their chocolate milk than what I previously had in the fridge.  Have you read the back of Hershey's syrup?

This is our new bottle of ketchup.  My oldest didn't like it quite as well, but he'll get used to it.  It actually HAS tomatoes in it!

And this is the new hamburger for our family.

Yes, some of these things are more costly.  It certainly takes more effort to find them.  I have been nearly to the point of tears in the grocery store, due to being completely overwhelmed!  It will require more planning and organization, because I will have to be more particular about WHAT I buy and when I buy it.  But like so many other things in life, it's about making choices.  We will be paying closer attention to what is IN the foods we eat, and making more meals from scratch at home.  So, wish me luck!  It will be an adventure!

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  1. Good for you! I will need your notes when I get home so I do hope you're organizing them in order to share!


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