Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 5. My Couch???

I'm already obviously lacking in creativity. It will be nice when the weather is more forgiving for outdoor photos. I'm a little concerned that I'm feeling so unmotivated, only on day 5!!! Ugh. Oh well. It is what it is. This photo probably tells more about me than one might assume if only given a slight glance:
My favorite color is red. Well, duh.
You might notice to the left of the photo, that there are still no baseboards around the entire main living area of my home. That is an indication that we are a BUSY family, and our floor project that began before Thanksgiving is yet to be finished. Soon enough, though. Side note: the kitchen cabinets in the background are painted black, a project I began AND completed last summer. This is proof that the home improvement projects DO get finished around here... all in due time.
Also to the left, is the corner of an end table between the loveseat and couch. You might see dirt that has accumulated underneath that table, and that is because when I'm cleaning the floors, I seem to never remember the floor beneath that obnoxious, tiny table.
The refrigerator in the background is elegantly decorated in kid art... obviously, we have kids! :) And the opposite wall holds a dry erase calendar/bulletin board... this is my attempt to stay organized with all of our "stuff." Right now, there is a paper tacked to it, stating the date of the kids' spring school pictures. We'll see if it works! Last year, I forgot. :( Both children were decked out in what we call "comfy clothes" for the day. I don't really want to talk about it.
The pillows on the couch are an attempt at my creativity! I was quite proud of the coordinating pillows I purchased on a FANTASTIC clearance sale at Target less than a year ago. They were a beautiful neutral color, with gold, sequined circles, which tied in wonderfully with the circles on my area rug (it was cuter than it sounds, trust me). They were NOT very kid friendly, though, and in the course of only a few months, we were finding tiny, shiny sequins all over our family room. I bought this fabric to replace the circles. With a little time, an iron, and a LOT of stitch-witchery (because a seamstress I am NOT), voila! ...brand new pillows.
And that's a MUCH longer story for Day 5 than what the photo is really worth. Good day!

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  1. This is great Laura! I notice a few things - your floors are super shiny - more proof that I really do need to go get that product you highlighted earlier AND that your house is WAY cleaner than mine right now :-)


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