Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 20. Girly Girls.

This is me.  I am a girly girl.  :)  This little story is about my girliness.... and how it began.  OK, so the truth is, I have no idea how it began.  It's just how God made me.  I love girly things.  From pretty, shimmery eye shadows, to creamy, scented body lotions- I love being a girl.  I love cute haircuts.  I love high-heeled knee boots and trendy, winter coats with coordinating scarves.  I love chunky heeled sandals and freshly painted toenails, accompanied by a strappy, flowy sundress.  I love big earrings!  I love changing my hair color to whatever mood I'm in that day.  I love mascara!  I LOVE RED, which is not necessarily girly, but I'm going to say it is for right now.

One might wonder the reason for this proclamation.  It's because I found something.  :)  Something that made me smile.  I went to the store, in search for a new makeup bag.  What I found, was a little piece of girly childhood.  It is called a Caboodle!  OK, some of you know exactly what I'm talking about.  These cases have been around for YEARS!  I had no idea the name still existed, and I certainly did not intend on buying one, but when I found one that perfectly fit my needs, yes, I purchased it!  ...and I will show it to you:

This is it!  It doesn't look like much, does it?  I happen to think it's darling.  In fact, these have come a LONG way, baby!  My first caboodle was probably purchased when I was in middle school.  It was big and pink and plastic, and I loved it.  My sister had one, too, and we kept them on our dresser in the room we shared.  They were the containers that held all that made us beautiful!  :)  Now, I will show you the glorious inside:

NOW, do you see what makes them so lovely?  The one I had as a little girl, had trays that folded out.  In fact, there were many that were much larger than this one when I went shopping.  But this one fit my needs, plus it matched my bathroom... both very good things.  (In addition, it does not take up the entire bathroom sink, for which my husband will be grateful.)  May I also mention, that they're perfectly inexpensive, which is just wonderful, if you ask me.  Just look at all those wonderful pockets!

Ah, yes, I love being a girl.  I realize that many folks would dismiss such events as a cute makeup bag as being trivial or minor.  That's okay.  I've come to a place in my life that I just don't care!  I am who I am.  My affection for manicured fingernails and caramel highlights is hardly representative of my intelligence level, nor does it say anything about my acceptance of myself, just as I am.  Don't assume that I can't hold a perfectly reasonable conversation about baseball, if the need should arise (ugh! OK, I can't... but I know plenty of girly girls who can, so just leave it alone, okay?)  If you happen to be a lady who is perfectly comfortable and secure in her sweatpants and hair pulled back into a ponytail, I say to you, GO FOR IT!  (Don't think I don't have those days myself, my friends!  My poor children are probably so embarrassed of the many mornings I have driven them to school with zero makeup and damp hair, straight from the shower!  Yes, I get dressed first!)  Ladies, my point is, whatever makes you feel feminine, whatever makes you feel pretty, DO IT.  There are varying levels across the board!  If we were all alike, the world would be a boring place.  We need to embrace the fact that God made each one of us individually and unique, for a purpose.  That fact certainly goes much further than what jewelry we prefer or lack thereof.  It is GOOD to be who God designed you to be!

I will leave this entry with one last photo:

Yes, I still have my first Caboodle.  Come on, didn't that make you smile (well, maybe it just made you roll your eyes, but surely it was entertaining in some form)?  No, it's not on display in my home.  It's tucked away in my hall closet, and encases all of my nailpolishes.  :)  I just can't bear to part with such a memory.  Check out the Caboodle logo in the corner.  Is that a sweet '80s flashback, or what?!


  1. girlfriend, my sweet, sweet, girly girl girlfriend! I LOVE that you embrace who you are unashamed, AND that you accept me for my jean wearing, no make-up, pony tail self also! That, my friend, THAT is true GIRL-POWER!!!!

    BTW - my caboodle was pink and purple, and I loved it also :0)

  2. Brenda, YOU ROCK!!! :) I don't just accept you that way; I LOVE you that way... because it's who you are! :) And don't you sell yourself short! You may enjoy your jeans, but I've seen you pull off some pretty hot-mamma looks, too!


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