Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 23. End of Winter, Day 2

These are sure signs that winter is almost over... my husband is buying seeds to plant!  :)  Yay!  Last year, he grew tomatoes.  Guess who likes tomatoes?  ONLY ME!  No one in the house will eat them, but I absolutely love them, so a tomato garden he grew.  (My mom reaped some of these benefits as well!)

There they are!  MORE yummy Roma tomatoes!

He loves to experiment with this stuff. 

...and always a little something fun for the kiddos.  :)

I'm stretching here, because I drink Pepsi all year round, OF COURSE!  However, this Throwback version is a pure taste of childhood, I say!  :)  ...and a nice, cold Pepsi is so yummy on a warm spring day!

This is a sign that winter must be ending, because EASTER is on its way!  OK, so it's still a couple of months away, but we all know how the stores have to get the candy in the aisles LONG before necessary.  These were a treat my hubby granted to the request of our youngest child, when they were out shopping for the garden!  Doesn't really fit in, does it?  Haha!  I'm thinking it's quite likely that my youngest child could see the possibility of planting one of these blue bunnies in the back yard, expecting a Peeps plant to grow?!


  1. Mom thanks you and your husband very much because you got your LOVE for tomatoes from me, I don't think your dad has ever tasted one. All I can say is a big yummy!!!!!!!! and can,t wait.

  2. You can send some of those my way also!

    I found some signs of spring Monday - oh JOY! got it posted today (finally!)


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