Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 10. Snow Day.

Oh, I just had too many to choose from today. I decided to post them all.

Day 10, Take 1: My back yard, after the snowfall from last night. It has been such a pretty day! It's always nice to see the sunshine, and it's so pretty to see its reflection on the freshly fallen snow. I admit, I'm not a big fan of snow, but I certainly don't deny its beauty (unless we're talking about what is left of it weeks later, after it has been plowed into huge, dirty, slushy mountains in corners of every store parking lot. Ick.)

Day 10, Take 2: This is me, playing with aperture. Check out that lovely depth of field. I have a fixed lens that I like to play with occasionally, but it's really only good for one thing... and this is it. (P.S. This is an UpperCase Living plaque I have on my mantle in my family room. I LOVE UpperCase Living... just sayin'.)

Day 10, Take 3: And another shallow depth of field. See how baby Jesus and Mary are mainly ones in focus? LOVE IT! This, by the way, is the only leftover I have of my Christmas decorations. I didn't leave it out on purpose, but I thought it was kind of cute to just stay there on my bookshelf... until my sweet husband wants to get to one of those books, and then it may lose its cuteness quite quickly! Haha!

Last but not least, and this is my favorite: Day 10, Take 4: Snow Turtle. This is another example of shallow depth of field, but let me just tell you, the story is way more interesting. My youngest son has an imagination out of this world. All 3 were playing with their Legos today (not an uncommon occurrence, which is also, by the way, why I'm constantly STEPPING on these lovely, little gadgets, but anyway...), and my littlest one runs downstairs (in his typical theatrical way) to announce to me that his pet snow turtle absolutely MUST be put out in the snow very soon, or he will surely DIE! I explained that if we put his sweet creation out in the snow, our puppy might eat it all up when she goes outside! I suggested we put (affectionately and cleverly named) Snowy on the table on the back porch. This was not good enough, oh no! HE MUST BE IN THE SNOW!!! So, as any mommy would, I provided this solution. Snowy has a cozy, cool, red home, filled to the brim with his livelihood... and that, of course, would be SNOW. And he lived happily ever after!

P.S. To anyone who might be passing by this little adventure of mine, drop me a note! Do you like what you see? Too bored to come back? :) I'd love it if you left a comment and let me know you've been here. It will just make my day to know others are enjoying the ride! Haha!

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  1. Laura, you are doing a great job! is running a shallow dof gallery this week, worth trip by get some ideas.


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