Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Monday, March 19, 2012


Just checked my Google Reader for the first time.... in..... Well, I don't know how long.... My "Pioneer Woman" tab had 78 unread posts.  Does that give you an idea?  Goodness.  That's not to mention all of my photography sites that I like to keep tabs on, learn new things, and study...

Seems like my wheels have been spinning since Christmas.  From somewhere in the middle of January until the end of February (ish), my family dealt with illness.  It was nothing serious... just that seasonal stuff that can get ya down, but it was certainly inconvenient.  However, I try to take such moments as a reminder to be thankful for my otherwise very healthy children!

Spring is now blooming, and it's a beautiful sight.  I've put my camera down a lot more than usual.  I take several snapshots with my iphone, and I have a lot of fun with that.  But the "photography Laura" has been on a bit of a break.

In the meantime, I've used my creativity in different ways... playing with fabric creations, jewelry making, and testing out my own versions of Pinterest ideas.  I've also read more than usual.  I finished up the Hunger Games series, which is WAY out of my normal realm of interest, but I enjoyed it greatly.  It was fun to step out of my box.

All of that to say, my Canon is calling my name.  I'm excited that the weather is gearing back up for a busy season of business.  I'll be photographing our friends' wedding next weekend, and I'm really looking forward to it!  That will be the kick off, and a few other sessions are already on the agenda.  Seeing all of the colors starting to emerge on God's spring canvas definitely gets me in the mood to get to clicking!

I'll keep y'all (all five of you :) posted!  :)


  1. Hey even if there is only five of us (which I'm sure there is more) we still count. Glad to hear your getting out your camera again,combine the three, and use your camera, to show us your creations, on your blog.Love ya Mom

  2. Laura,
    I for one am thrilled you are blogging. I know it is one of many things you do but I enjoy reading what is happening. I agree with your Mom. Show us your creations. Sheila


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