Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The First Day of Spring w/my Boys...

...was yesterday.  :)  And we enjoyed it thoroughly.  You never know what kind of weather the "first day of spring" will hold in Missouri... but this year, it was warm temps, blue skies and lots of wind!

You should have seen me try to untangle this mess after returning home from our visit to the park.  Yikes.

But the boys enjoyed their time immensely:

I basically followed them around the entire time, walking slowly behind, as they endeavored to find the "perfect hill to catch air."  My youngest took turns hanging out with Mom and riding behind his brothers on his little scooter. He's a bit young yet, to really keep up with them... He's getting there, though.  :)

We sat in the dirt, pointed out turtles in the lake, walked on trails, played on the playground, and had a picnic lunch.

Ah... my life as a mommy of boys.  :)  

I often get asked if "we'll try again for a girl."  I usually answer with something like, "Well, that would be silly... clearly, there's a pattern.  :)", or "And give up my role as the only princess in my castle?  NO WAY!", or "Nah, God knew I didn't have the patience for a daughter who might have turned out like her mamma!"

It has always been funny to me, how people get so hung up on what sex of child they "prefer."  We found out  "what" we were having with each pregnancy, and I can tell you in all sincerity, not once did my husband or I feel disappointed when the ultrasound technician announced, "Yep!  Looks like another boy!"  

Being the "girly-girl" that I am, some have assumed that I would feel as though I was missing out, not to have a daughter... that my love for all things feminine would not have a sufficient outlet... or my very favorite... that I would not really know "how" to be a mom of boys if I couldn't appreciate the "yucky" things in life.  Hahaa!  Well, I assure you that I can play with trains, planes, and automobiles; dig in dirt; hold worms and caterpillars in my bare hands; watch (and even enjoy) every superhero cartoon or movie... with the very best of them.  :) My guys don't think a thing of it, that Mommy likes big earrings and pretty polish on her toenails... Mommy's a girl... that's what girls do!  It's how they know me.  :)

Recently, my youngest was at the doctor (he has known us for several years now, and has 3 boys of his own, so I think he relates well to our little family :)... As he was examining my son, he was making polite "kid conversation" with him, and asked, "So, are you liking girls these days?  Or are girls still yucky?"  My little guy looked up at him with an astonished expression, and said in his best matter-of-fact tone, "Girls aren't yucky!  My mom is a girl, and she's AWESOME!"  The doctor looked back at me and smiled, "Someone has his mommy wrapped around his little finger!"  Still makes me giggle.  I wish I could keep him THAT in love with me forever and ever.  :)

Yes, my life with 3 little boys is quite fulfilling.  I am quickly reminded by how much I enjoy them on a day like yesterday, just walking and talking and playing with them.  I am blessed by them every day, and I hardly feel like the "lack of pink" in their wardrobes causes me to miss out.  (I have plenty of pink in my own...)

Nope, I wouldn't change a thing.  :)

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