Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Monday, October 10, 2011

More from the weekend...

Thought I'd post a few more from the weekend.  These are from a little five minute session before my mother-in-law went to her highschool reunion:

A few from our afternoon at the park:

Later, at Uncle Justin and Aunt Sam's house... hangin' out with Grandpa.

This would be me and Sam... the "out"laws (as Kettemans so delicately put it!).

The little pill... After I'd been running around their yard, doing pics of the family, (let me just tell you that when I'm doing a session, I'm working!  I'm running around, up and down off the ground, back and forth all over the place, sweating.  It's an UNpretty picture...), when my dear sister-in-law says:  "I would like one more... I don't think we have any of us together!"  HUH?  Oh, fine.  Well, here we are... Sam:  all prettied up, full makeup, hair freshly styled, all accessorized.  And then there's me: sweaty, no makeup, hair pulled back.  Good thing I'm not vain or anything.  Haha!!!

Uncle Justin's famous bonfires.  Roasted marshmallows on ginormous sticks.  The kids had a blast... although it was a miracle that the older boys didn't catch one another on fire.

 Last but not least... a little something for my youngest brother.  He'll know exactly why:

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