Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Can't Sleep...

I truly love this time of year.... everything about it... almost.  It's 2:31 in the morning as I type these words.  Why am I awake, you might ask?  One simple word:  ALLERGIES.  I forgot to take my extra dose of antihistamine before I went to bed, so here I am... wide awake, stuffy nose, itchy eyes, sneezing fits.  Yep, I am the perfect picture of the description on the back of a bottle of Nyquil... Zyrtec... Claritin... take your pic.  The end result is that lovely feeling of... Uuuuugggghhhh.

I awoke to finding my youngest son, asleep on the couch.  I have no idea why he's there instead of his cozy bed, but he is.  I guess he was having trouble sleeping, too?  He probably won't even remember how he got there when I ask him later.

Anyway, the photo business has me hoppin' (one of those great things about this time of year... let's focus on the positive)!  So, I thought I'd take this time to post a few previews from the last week.  If you follow me on FB, you've already seen them, but for those of you who don't have FB... here you are:

Our little neighbor buddies  :)

I'm a big fan of matching poses with siblings.  They look nicely together when you want to hang them next to one another.  Different can be fun, too, of course... but something about posing them the same, to me, brings out their differences.  You can really see their individuality when you're not distracted by the difference of the image itself... if that makes sense.  :)  These are a great example.  I happen to know these little guys pretty well.  Not unlike my own kiddos... different as night and day.  I can put these two boys in the same spot, and tell them to pose the same way... but the end result shows their different personalities once they get comfortable.  :)  Love it.

I'm obsessed with sunbursts.  :) Halos of light... highlighted subjects.  God's perfect backdrop.

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