Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Monday, March 14, 2011

More from Susu's Party.

It started several weeks ago.  Shelly called me (from Romania, mind you) and asked if I would be able to accomodate her and her sister and the kiddos for this weekend.  She told me all about her plans to surprise Susanna with an evening of celebration at her favorite restaurant.  "Well, OF COURSE!" I told her.  The wheels were turning.  In ways that only a big sister can, Shelly started her scheming.  She REALLY wanted to keep it a surprise, and she managed to accomplish her goal.  She asked me to make up a quick Evite to send to a handful of Susanna's St. Louis friends, and by the time Shelly made it to the States, she had everything ready.  Reservations were made at the Drunken Fish (a sushi restaurant, for anyone who's wondering... I didn't know of it either!), fun, little "bride to be" games for the girls to play during dinner, and gifts in hand.

She talked Susanna into "needing a weekend in St. Louis" to run some wedding errands (considering their shopping is limited in the little town of Pine Bluff, Arkansas).  Susanna obliged.  It was just a bonus that they "just so happened" to have a friend here who would gladly give them her basement to stay in for the weekend.  :)

Susanna was told we were taking her out, but she thought it was all a ploy to meet up with her brother (who had secret plans of his own... but that's another story completely!). 

By the time we got there, she still had no clue the night was all about her, and that she'd be greeted by some of her nearest and dearest friends.  :)

It was quite adorable to watch her enjoy the spotlight.

One more... that's not directly related, but too cute not to include: 
Dave and his girlfriend, Amanda

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