Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 320. Errands.

I have never been one of those moms who has to get a babysitter to go to the grocery store.  Not to say that running errands with little ones is a simple task... nope, I did not say that at all.  But, I never had much of a choice.  I had three little ones, age 4 and under, all at home with me.  When one became ill and had to go to the doctor, they ALL went to the doctor.  When Daddy and I had praise team rehearsal at church, they all tagged along and even joined us for dinner with our friends afterwards.  We actually liked it that way.  The fact is, I prefer to live life WITH my children.  We've had to slow down in some of our social activity throughout the years, but our boys have grown up, tagging along.  They are part of us... a package deal, if you will. 

All of that being said, as they grow, just like everything else, certain tasks have changed.  Running errands is certainly one of those things.  There was a day, that my shopping cart was as full with little boys as it was with items.  KS2 sat in the big part, KS3 was in the little basket, and KS1 was under strict orders to walk alongside the cart, hand never leaving the edge.  So, I'll admit, my current lifestage, having the freedom to run my errands through the day while they're at school has spoiled me a little.  :)  However, that luxury is not always the case.  Going to WalMart, the weekend BEFORE Christmas, WITH all three of my boys, no matter their age... Well, that's a little much for any mommy. 

Honestly, they were all good as gold.  It wasn't them.  It's all the craziness around us.  KS3 still fits in the cart.  And he was happy to be there, all of our shopping items piled up on top of him.  He sat at the bottom, while the other two helped me check off my list.  Wrapping paper, check.  Tape, check.  Milk, check.  Laundry soap, check.  Lunch meat, check.  Paper towels, check.  And the list continued.  KS3 just sat in the midst of it all, happy to have his big brother drive him around up and down the aisles as we attempted to weave through the crowd to retrieve our every-day items.  Even in the midst of Christmas shoppers, our every-day life must go on!

The biggest issue is simply that my spoiled children HATE running errands now.  They have to put on their happy faces and deal.  Some days, they handle that task better than others.

None of that really has anything to do with my picture... other than this was taken AFTER the errands were completed, and I had to giggle as KS1 was fumbling into the family room, helping carry in the supplies.  He's at a gangly, clumsy age... all arms and legs.  He's a pretty good sport about it, really.  We often have a good laugh about his lack of grace.  I've reminded him that he may never outgrow it.... Here I am, case in point.

Enough of my rambling.  Here's today's pic:

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