Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 316. First Snow!

Well, technically it snowed some on Thanksgiving, but we weren't here to see it.  Do you remember what it was like, when you were a kid, to see the first snowfall of the season?  The hope that school will be called off the next day?  The thrill of tromping outside, all bundled up, (for all of fifteen minutes) and building snowmen (well, trying...) and lying down, flailing your arms and legs to make angels shapes?

That was a quickly fleeting moment of a lifetime, I must say.  NOW, all I see, is the potential for dangerous roads, slippery sidewalks, frozen water pipes, tracked up floors in my family room.  Ick.  Am I a GRINCH, or what?!?!?!!!!

But I get to relive some of those sweet childhood memories through my kiddos.  They still see a miracle when those flakes fall to the ground.  Now, they're the ones who go outside for a glorious fifteen-minute run through the yard, and I get to wait inside, make hot chocolate to await their return, and wash all the clothes later.

I don't mind.  I know these days will be gone before I know it.  And I continue to remind myself of that fact as I load the washing machine.  :)

Our back yard.  So pretty before it gets all stomped through!  :)

Ellie doesn't mind.

Later in the afternoon, after it stopped falling, the boys just couldn't wait any longer.

I love our yard.  I truly believe whoever designed it had 3 little boys in mind.  :)

KS2, being ornery.

And he's not about to stop, just because his brother turned around.

In fact, he'll just chase him down!

If you look closely through his bundled up face, you can see the mischievous smile.

I think, about this time, KS1 is giving him what-for.  And KS2 is responding with, "Whatever.  I'm not in trouble.  Mom's standing right there, and she saw the whole thing."

Ellie's puppy energy, being displayed.

Mandy hardly looks as though she's in the mood for such frivolity.

"Are we really going to do this right now?"  Mandy's such an old lady.

"That's it.  I'm going inside."

"Mom, Ellie's being mean!  I'm going in now."

And this sweet, little angel missed the whole thing.  :(  He spent the day right where his brother did, earlier in the week... with the tummy-bug.  He didn't even care that they were outside without him.  :(  So, Mandy came in and snuggled up with him instead.  :)  It made them BOTH feel better.

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