Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 268. Mondays.

I haven't touched my bowl full of rice and camera equipment since yesterday morning.  I'm being patient, and leaving it alone.  The damage may be at the point of no return.  Don't know yet. 

In the meantime, I can't be completely without a camera!  I got out these little beauties:

This is my old, point-n-shoot Canon.  It served me well for a few years before I got my "good" one.  This camera still goes with me to places like the pool!  :) 

This guy is one of my originals, before I went all Canon.  I had a few versions of this camera, and I loved it.  It also served me well.  Now, it goes to places with my kids.  When they want to photograph things like Lego creations, or have a camera for a field trip... this is the one they get. 

I spent the morning, on the phone with my BFF in Romania.  :)  She makes me happy!  I told her of my camera woes and she sweetly listened and lamented with me, as I sat in the middle of my kitchen floor and cleaned out my remaining equipment as well as the two oldies I'd dug out of storage.
Yeah, that is actually me... with no makeup, in my workout clothes, and hair pulled back in barretts.  My poor children have to be seen with me like this in the mornings, when I take them to school.... And their unfortunate teachers who help in the "parent dropoff" line.  They probably think my kids must have two moms... the one who brings them to school, and the other one who comes back through the week to help in their classrooms.  Yep, very different ladies.  It is what it is, people.  It's called REALITY.  :)

And that's what Mondays are for!... ...a friendly, uplifting phone conversation  ...catching up from the crazy weekend.  ...working out makeup  ...making lists for the week  ...laundry!

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  1. I LOVE YOU!!! :D You make no makeup and workout clothes look mah-vuh-lous!!!


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