Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 264. Charmed!

WARNING!!!:  Girly topics to follow!  Maybe you get tired of hearing my excitement about my most recent find in hair color, makeup, or boots.  :)  Well, I'd suggest you probably find someone else's blog to read.  :)  And that's okay, too.  Because I can't help myself but want to share pretty things, so here's another.

Remember THIS pretty, little thing?  I'm telling you, this lady is AH-MAZING!  She represents a company called U Design Jewelry.  You have to check this stuff out.

For my 30th birthday (I looked through my '06 picture files to show you, but my new computer is still not cooperating fully with me... anyway), my family gave me a charm bracelet.  My mom had one like it, and so did my grandmother.  It's where the little charms are shaped like profiles of a child's face.  You have one to represent each of your children, their names and their dates of birth.  Along with my three boys' profile charms, there were small baby-booties, with their birthstones.  I've had the bracelet for four years.  And I've probably worn it four times.  The chain had a weird clasp.  I couldn't get it on by myself, and then it broke.  Well, enough about all of that.

I asked my friend if she could do something fun for me with the charms.  I wanted something different than a "traditional" mommy bracelet.  And she came through for me, BIG TIME!  One morning, I went to her house along with another friend, and we poured over stones and beads, and we came up with something new and fun and totally unique.  I picked it up today, and I HAD to show you!  :)  Here it is!

 This would be the cutest toggle clasp I've ever seen... and I can get it clasped on my own!  :)  Seriously, LOVE it!

Check her out.  Seriously, you'll love it.

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