Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 257. Birthday Packages.

We celebrated a birthday in our home this week.  Oh, I love birthdays.  Love them. LOVE them.  LOVE THEM!  We have a lot of fun... making cakes, wrapping gifts, OPENING gifts, singing "happy birthday."  It's the common stuff, really, but I absolutely cherish every little detail.  I enjoy telling each of my boys about the days they were born, and how they filled my heart with joy from the moment I rested my eyes upon them.  I explain that every day since, I have only grown to love them more and more.  We will typically do a little something for them at home, on their "real" birthday.  They get to choose what we have for dinner, I make their favorite dessert, and we let them have their gifts from Daddy and me.  THEN, on a nearby weekend, we'll invite the family over to PAR-TAY!  :)  That's when the decorations come out, and all of the rest of their gifts are received.  They're spoiled rotten... just rotten, I tell you!

Birthday cards are one of those "little details" I love about birthdays.  Every year, every child receives cards in the mail.  They LOVE getting mail!  After being excitedly torn open, each card is carefully placed in our cardholder on the door, and it remains there as decoration until the next holiday/birthday comes around.  Aunt Holly's cards always come with an extra-special touch.  It's usually themed in something they're into at the moment.  This was the most recent:  a few stickers, some coloring pages, and rub-on tattoos... all wrapped up in a large envelope, hand-decorated by Aunt Holly herself.  Is it simple?  Sure.  Is it memory-making?  ABSOLUTELY!

It's a special thing when you have family to share celebrations with.  I'm so thankful for the little things... the way my kids get doted on, and loved on by our family.  They don't know it any other way, but I certainly know that they are blessed beyond measure to have those special people in their lives.

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