Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 219. Labor Day.

We had my side of the fam come over to our house to celebrate Labor Day.  It was a nice day.  We ate.  We played.  We rested.  We visited.

Some of us had the RIGHT IDEA!

And some of us are full of fun, energy, and mischief!

On a separate note, my adorable sister, holding our adorable niece.  She's the favorite aunt.  It's unanimous.  We just can't seem to outdo her.  She bakes their favorite desserts (and lets them HELP her in the kitchen), brings them treats every time she sees them, makes sure to share LOTS of snuggles, and has an ample supply of gum, candy, and first aid in her purse!!!

And just a quick shot of my happy dog.  Doesn't she just look filled with joy?  HA!  I think she may not like to have her picture taken.  :(

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