Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 215. Classics.

When my sweet, wonderful friend visited this summer, she encouraged me to try reading some old "classics."  I am NOT much of a reader.  I get bored easily, and move along.  Not to mention, I'm WAY easily distracted!  But when my sister coerced me to give the Twilight series a try, I became HOOKED!  I couldn't put them down.  When my friend discovered this, she thought it was ridiculous that I could enjoy such a thing WITHOUT the ability to enjoy a good piece of classic literature.  Well, we went to a bookstore, and I asked her to choose two.  I would give them a try, just to say I HAD, if nothing else.  Hmmm, that was 3 months ago now.  I'm only halfway through it, and it's about to kill me.  My husband keeps teasing me, as to why I don't just give up... BECAUSE I SAID I WOULD READ IT!  And I'm certainly trying.  I'm finally at a point where I might even be enjoying the character of Mr. Darcy.

I know... I know... how have I gotten through life without reading such things?  Well, when it was mandatory in highschool, I just didn't.  Again,  I TRIED.  I just didn't have the determination I have now, to actually finish it.  And, yes, I would fail the test that came later, of course.  Oh, the things I wish my children would never discover!

In case "the charcter of Mr. Darcy" didn't give it away, this is the book I'm laboring through...  place marked and all. You see how torn and tattered it has become.  I take it all over the place.  I can only read a chapter or two at a time.  And then it stays in the car, or on the kitchen table, or at the water park... WHAT?  Who said that?  Oh, I'll get through it, don't you worry!

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