Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Days 279 & 280. Thankfulness Challenge, Days 5 & 6.

Oddly enough, I'm actually finding this to be a challenge!  Yes, I realize it's called the "thankfulness challenge," but I truly didn't expect it to actually BE one.  I think I'm making it more difficult than it has to be, because I'm trying to avoid the obvious... I could give you a new reason EVERY day why I'm thankful for my husband and children alone.  I want to attempt to think of something new that I don't often think, "Gee, I'm really thankful for that!"  But, then, to take a picture to go along with it????

Yesterday, my post was as follows:

Today, I am thankful for shampoo. Yes, that was one of my first thoughts this morning as I hugged my little KS3 and could smell his freshly washed hair from the night before. His red, tousled mess felt soft against my face. Sweet morning moments. I LOVE that. :)

Today, it was this:

Thankful for little boys' basketball games. Thankful for KS2 who surprised me by making my bed this morning. Thankful to crawl back into it for a cozy, 30 minute nap this afternoon. :) Now, I'm trying to force myself into being thankful for my elliptical machine. :/

OK, so I could have taken a picture of my bed, or even of the lovely mixed blessing of the elliptical machine.  I feel my creativity is STUMPED.  :/
So, for now, I will catch up on pictures by adding some from this morning's session.  And, yes, it DOES count, because trust me... I AM thankful for my sessions!  I love taking pictures.  And I am thankful to have the opportunity to share that with others.  :)

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