Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 278. Thankfulness Challenge, Days 1 - 4.

So, I'm catching up on my "what I'm thankful for" days.

Day 1.  Thankful for phonecalls from Romania.  :)  This is my little, outdated cell phone... but it works well, and I love it.  It has lived a good life, and I see no reason to get rid of it until it dies for good!  Anyway, my best friend and I have made an agreement to try to fit it into our schedules to catch up once a week on Mondays (my morning; her evening).  So far, so good!  And I can't tell you what a treat it has been!  :)

Day 2.  Thankful for the ladies in my Bible study.  We are studying the book of Job right now.  It has been a blessing to go there from week to week.  I love the leader.  She is an absolutely awesome lady!

Day 3.  Thankful for my husband's job.  Yeah, I wasn't too creative with this picture.  I took a picture of his laptop... because he often sits with it, and works!  Ultimately, I'm thankful that God provides for our family... and I'm thankful for my husband who sticks it out even when the going gets tough, to work hard and "bring home the bacon."  We are a one-income family, which can be a struggle from time to time.  But my husband NEVER complains, because he is 100% support of my staying home to care for our family.  I'm thankful for his conviction and for his character and for his self-sacrifice.  ...AND I'm thankful for Dell... because they're awesome.  :)

Day 4.  That would be TODAY.  I'm thankful for 1/2 days of school... when I can spend a little extra time with my sweet kiddos, and treat them to small things like lunch at Bread Co.  Yum!

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  1. Ive totally been doing this too!! A few girls from my school made a blog just for the month of November. Dont judge my pictures, thats why I pay you to take them! :)


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