Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Being Thankful.

I don't know what picture I'm planning to post yet today.  I thought I'd give a little heads up to my new plan for November.

Facebook is a funny, little thing.  Sometimes it annoys me to death!  And other times, I'm enlightened when I see friends of mine posting statuses that make me think, encourage me, or even humble me. 

A friend recently posted a "thankfulness challenge."  It's not novel, really.  I've seen similar things done before, but in posting her "challenge," she reminded me how something so simple can be so important.  Her goal was to post something she is thankful for, every day, from now until Thanksgiving.  Seems rather simple, doesn't it?  Well, sure it does!  Who can't think of ONE thing, every day, to be thankful for?  And, yet, I am reminded that there are those who actually may have to struggle to come up with things... which causes me all the more to realize just how blessed I am.

So, here was my FB status for this morning:

My friend is doing her "thankfulness challenge." And I LOVE it! Post something you're thankful for, every day, for the month of November. That's easy enough. BUT, I have some catchup work to do... 11/1- thankful for phonecalls from Romania! 11/2- thankful for the ladies in my bible study! 1...1/3- thankful for my husband's job. 11/4- thankful for half days at school!!!! Join the challenge!!!

I thought I would extend it even further, and make it part of my 365 for this month.  For the rest of the month of November, I'll have a theme for daily pic... something I'm thankful for.  It may be something simple.  It may be something HUGE.  Either way, a prompted reminder to consciously dwell on your blessings can only result in something that is GOOD.  So, join me this month, and count some of your blessings!  We couldn't begin to name them all, so just a few will do.  :)

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