Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

80 degrees???!!!!

Oh my goodness, no sooner did I post about spring being on it's way, we got hit with a couple of days in the lower 80s!!!

Seriously.... I'm not ready for this yet. Give me a few weeks in the mid 60s.... That sounds lovely.... But I will NOT say I'm not enjoying the sunshine and the open windows. :) As you see, it's supposed to drop the rest of the week and be rainy, so I have every intention of enjoying this while it lasts.

It was a perfect day to have lunch outdoors, in the shade, anyway, so I met up with my gorgeous bff, Shelly, to fit in a little friend time before our kiddos hit spring break!!

She LOVES these warm temps. And she's breaking out those pretty, bright colors to show it! Check out her darling outfit today!!!

I "heart" her...

Not putting away my jeans quite yet. :) but I brought out this fun, flowy polkadot top. My parents gave it to me for Christmas, and it's a great "in between seasons" top.  I LOVE polkadots. :)

I've also been enjoying these out the last couple of days. Love a good, comfy pair of flipflops. My friend, Heather, introduced these lovelies to me last summer. 

I don't know their claim as far as getting you "fit," but they're super comfy and I love their sparkle.  :)  I'm guessing I'll put them away for tomorrow, but they'll be worn a LOT more in weeks to come.  :)

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