Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Thursday, January 2, 2014

...and it's 2014.

2013 has seemed very full.  I've made mistakes.  I've been forgiven.  I've loved and have been loved.  I've won a few, lost a few.  I suppose the list could go on and on, and it would sound similar to the year before.

However, it IS a new year.  New beginnings.  A fresh start.  Time to try something new... or maybe try something again.  Love.  Learn.  Grow.  Make a decision.  Stick to it.  Fail.  Try again.

I'll be truthful... I don't really feel very "new beginning"ish today.  I awoke to being snowed in, afraid for my husband to drive to work on the nasty roads, and later to have my oldest son come from his room with a 102.6 temperature and an excruciatingly painful headache.  I could see it all over his sweet face.

I haven't done much since.  I sat with him for a couple of hours, waiting for medicine to kick in... feeding him, keeping him hydrated.  I don't care how old your child grows to be (he's nearly 14  now), a mommy's heart breaks when her baby doesn't feel well.

After awhile, he was doing a bit better, and I decided to do a few housechores.  I made some lunch for my other two little ones, started a load of laundry, and felt comfortable breaking away for an hour of mindless cardio.

That's when I stumbled upon this:

I say "stumbled," but I searched for it, truly.  I like to keep up with this pastor.  He was a teacher of mine in highschool, and he played a very influential role during my teen years.  He continues to bless me now, when I randomly decide to catch up with some of his messages or the progress of the church where he pastors.  Again, I thank you, Mr. Mizel.  :)

And here I am, at 3:01 pm.  The day still seems long.  I'm still in need of a shower... and I really haven't accomplished much... but my son is feeling better.  My husband made it to work just fine.  I've been blessed by the words of some very special friends.

Not a bad way to start of 2014.

If you have a moment, take a few minutes to listen to the link above.  God spoke to my heart.  Maybe He will yours, too?

Happy New Year!

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