Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend.

My family has been SO lazy this weekend!  I guess we got all of our energy out on Thursday, and ate too much to do anything but play and hangout for the rest of the weekend. :)  I'm SO okay with that.  :)

This was the extent of excitement on Thanksgiving Day:

Who knew JENGA was such an intense game???  Haha!  Leave it to my family.  :)

And of course, there was a ton of food:

And plenty of smiles:

A few naps:

But it all came to an end.

The next day, we did...


We are NOT a black-Friday-shopping family.  Um... no thanks, although the hubby and I DID get in on a few online deals.  :)  Now, THAT's the way to shop on Black Friday.  :)

Other than that, the boys stayed in their jammies.  We ate leftovers... pretty good leftovers, though!  KS2 and I made dumplings to go with some of the leftover turkey:

The next day wasn't too much different, although we DID venture out for our last "Silky's treat" before the end of the season.  Today, our favorite frozen custard place will be closed until next spring.  Sad day in the Ketteman house.  :(  ...much better for my calorie intake, though!  HA!  The boys played outside for a bit.  Other than that ... more of nothing.  :)

We haven't even done Christmas decorations during all of this down time.  Ugh.  Well, there's always next weekend.

Today was a little more normal.  We managed to drag ourselves out of bed to get to church.  :)  I'm glad.  I also forced my family into an impromptu photo session this afternoon... just because I wanted to.  :)  Everyone complained.  It's WAY chilly outside.  Oh well.  They got over it.  That's just the kind of mommy I am.

So... tomorrow starts the craziness of normalcy again.  I'm thankful for weekends like this... it's just what our family needed.

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