Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mom.

We had a great day yesterday.  The sun was shining.  All the siblings came over, as well as my mom.  The kids played.  We laughed.  We ate... a lot.  It was a typical Freeman family get-together.  :)

My brother and his wife (along with baby) gave Mom a new birthstone charm to represent their little guy, for her family necklace.  She got pictures (always one of her top requests... to receive, NOT to have taken of herself... EVER!) and a DVD she wanted.  I think she had a good day.  She has certainly earned it.

My mom is a constant.  Not a single one of us can say we remember a time when she was NOT around.  She stayed home with all five of us, and cared for every need.  She washed the clothes, she paid the bills, she gave the baths, she helped with homework, she made the dinners, she read stories.  There are fourteen years between me (the oldest) and my baby brother.  That's a LONG time to continue adding a newborn to the mix!  And she kept on truckin'.  :)  ...enduring all five of us through our teenage years!  I can't even imagine.... having a teenager who is first driving, and a child going through his terrible twos... AT THE SAME TIME!  I can appreciate that sentiment in a completely new way, now that I am a mom as well!

She has often said that she doesn't really know that she has any exceptional talents or gifts... which makes me laugh.  I guess she doesn't consider the never-ending patience of Job, a talent?  Or her way of easily forgiving, and loving unconditionally, a gift?  I would say that bringing up five children who are still thankful to call her "mom" is quite an accomplishment in itself!

My mom and her boys... How is it that a son can ALWAYS add a little extra excitement to the mix???  :)  Just look at all of these expressions!

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