Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 139. Father's Day.

These are the most recent pics I have of my dad. I took them on his birthday a couple of months ago. He's holding his most recent pride and joy, his first granddaughter. Oh, she makes him light up, I assure you.

Father's Day holds a lot of meanings for me. There's a little girl in me who remembers snuggling with my daddy... waiting up late at night, to see him when he came home from work. I remember loving to go for Saturday drives with him, just to spend time alone with him (as opposed to sharing him with my siblings). He was the BEST person to ask all of my Bible homework questions. :) (In case I've never mentioned it, I went to a Christian school.) My dad has always worked hard and loved hard. He is where I get my passion... and, well, he is also where I got my nose. :P He was and is commited to his family, and more importantly, to God. My most vivid and consistent memory would be of him, reading his Bible... usually with a cup of coffee on a table beside him. 

He's my dad, and I love him.

Then, there's this guy.  :)  He also holds special meaning for me on Father's Day.  Without him, I wouldn't have my beautiful three sons. 

My dad often teases that my sister and I went completely against the "old tradition" that a girl grows up to marry a man like her dad.  And I argue back that I married a man who is similar in all the ways that matter.

He is strong in his faith.  He works hard.  He is a man of character, who keeps his word.  He loves and protects his family.

He's the father of my children... my husband... and I love him.

My heavenly Father has blessed me abundantly, but He is who we should find our ultimate comfort and security.  Every year, this song comes to mind.  It is simple and sweet, and a true reminder that He loves us so much!

♫ There is a place that I know
Where I need more often to go
A place of amazing comfort and rest
Where a smile is never rare
And Your love is as free as the air
And I lack for nothing
When I can see the love in Your eyes
And know that it's all for me
I fear nothing at all
When I'm safe in the arms of my Father
And if I ever fall
I take comfort in knowing
That You are there

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