Image by Laura Ketteman

Image by Laura Ketteman

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Weekend Highlights.

School is underway.  Life is busy, as usual.  The summer has flown by.  FINALLY, we're having days that do NOT reach ninety-something degrees.  Before I know it, fall will be here... ah, my favorite. 

A little bit of life, as I know it...

Friday evening, I went out with all of my siblings for dinner.  My brother planned it, and threatened us with our lives if we didn't show.  :)  Just the five of us... it was quite delightful, I admit.  Here we are, trying to get a snapshot... Haha!  :)

Finally, I caved, and asked someone to just take it for us. :)  Aren't we just adorable?  :)

I so love them.  We laugh a LOT together.


I came home on Friday night, to greet my very special weekend guests, two members of the Snow family, whom we all know and love.  :)

Then, there was Saturday...

While my friends were out running an errand, I took advantage of the fact that it was Saturday, to do some chores...  This being one of them:

I had some aloe plants given to me by my sweet neighbor. They had been resting nicely on my kitchen counter, and growing well... better than I'd realized for their tiny, little pot. I thought it was time that I should separate and replant them... not a big project, right?

It's kind of amazing, the things I get myself into...

Susanna came home in the middle of my mishap, and decided to take some pictures in the midst of my dilemma... Don't worry, she helped me, too.  Thank  you, Susu!  My sink is still draining splendidly, due to our efforts NOT to clog the garbage disposal with potting soil!

Sometimes, there's just so sense in turning back... Might as well follow through.  The good news is this:  all three aloe plants, along with a calla lily AND two, baby cacti, were successfully transplanted into new pots, and are doing wonderfully!  :)  Of course, my kitchen counter currently looks like a jungle, but I'll figure that out later.

But... leave it to me to make it as difficult as possible... deciding to do all of the work in my kitchen rather than the back yard... AND to do so, while wearing white shorts?!!! 

Side note... you HAVE to admire my cute tshirt.  KS3 picked this one out, and said I just HAD to get it.  :)  (Those would be cheese wedges, holding a camera and posing for pics... get it?  "Say people!")

Saturday evening was a better turn of events.  :)  Mrs. Snow taught me how to make her famous SNOW family pizza!  Not only did I get to spend some time with two amazing people, I got to learn how to make some amazing pizza!  One of my favorite memories of spending so much time with the Snow family growing up, was when Mrs. Snow would cook... and pizza was a common favorite.

 So, so, SOOOO yummy! 

For dessert, however, we treated them!... to Silky's, of course... because it's a Ketteman FAVE!
Susu and me.  :)

Feelin' some SNOW love!  :)

Hangin' with my hubby.  :)


Sunday was a normal one.  I love my church, and I loved having my friends there to worship with us.

I told them good-bye for now, on Monday morning.  The boys were already at school.  My house was quiet again... too quiet.  :(  At least I have my doggies...

and time to ponder...

I went for a run.  I love those moments when you stop thinking about running, and let your mind just wander.

I thought about how blessed I am, and I thanked God for all the ways He reminds me that He loves me.

I am reminded that it's worth the time, effort, and energy to maintain relationships worth maintaining.

You know what else?  The opposite is true, as well.  Don't waste your time on the people who bring you down.  Jealousy is bitter and ugly.... NOT worth entertaining.

True, authentic, Godly relationships... invaluable.


  1. I love you, Laura!! It really was an amazing weekend! Thanks again for everything!!! <3

  2. Well, can at least be a LITTLE jealous?!! ;) The pictures made me cry... but I love you ALL so much and I'm SO GLAD you had that time together, even without me. ;)


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